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Deer Trail Driving Tour

This 120 km triangular route stretches around the community of Elliot Lake. The Deer Trail boasts some of the most beautiful, unspoiled landscapes in the north and hosts a variety of outdoor recreational activities year round.Distance From SSM: 2 hoursDuration: 2-3 hours

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  • Deer Trail Driving Tour
  • Deer Trail Driving Tour
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The Elliot Lake “Deer Trail” is a 120 kilometre (72 mile) triangular route that stretches around the City of Elliot Lake. The trip begins at the intersection of the Trans Canada Highway and Highway 108, loops around Elliot Lake and ends at the intersection of Highway 546, in Iron Bridge.There are many stops along the way allowing you to discover and enjoy the history, geology, and natural life of the area. And of course, as with most places in Northern Ontario, the scenery is the real reason to spend the time and gas.The route also features a variety of outdoor recreational activities year round, so can enjoy driving the Deer Trail in an afternoon or to take a few days, stopping along the way for camping at Mississagi Provincial Park, and many other activities such as canoeing, cycling, hiking, skiing, backpacking, golf or swimming. For ATV and snowmobiles enthusiasts, there are hundreds of kilometres of snowmobile and ATV trails available.The Deer Trail has an Information Centre is located at the junction of Hwy. 17 and Hwy. 108. The Centre is open during summer months, from the long weekend in May to September, 7 days a week from 10am-6pm. The Information Centre will provide you with maps and other information before you begin and it’s also the starting point of the Deer Trail.The Deer Trail begins at the intersection of Highway 17 East (the Trans Canada Highway) and Highway 108 leading you north towards Elliot Lake. For an early rest stop and a scenic view, pull in at Depot Lake, located just a few kilometres into the drive.Stop at the Fire Tower Lookout by turning off Highway 108 down Milliken Road and follow the signs. From the lookout you will not only be able to see Elliot Lake, but as far as Manitoulin Island and the United States.23 kilometres north of Elliot Lake, Hwy. 108 becomes Hwy. 639. This will take you past the Mississagi Provincial Park. The park features 90 campsites, a boat launch, hiking trails, canoeing, a natural and historical exhibit centre and is a great place for camping if you feel like breaking up the drive.Along the way down Highway 546 which takes you back to the Trans Canada Highway, you will see the Mississagi River, once the route of fur traders and the infamous Grey Owl.Just before you end this drive, you will pass Bells Falls. In addition to having some excellent fishing, the falls is a great place to sit, relax and take in nature. This drive ends as Highway 546 comes out at Iron Bridge, Ontario.


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An Information Centre is located at the
junction of Hwy 17 and Hwy 108.
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